Tool of North America

Tool is a live-action and digital production company that represents 20+ directors, and has over 200+ pieces of award winning work. We needed a site that not only easily displayed all of our work and gave equal representation to our directors, but also a site that demonstrated our abilities as well as our level of craft. I was tasked with creative direction, concepting the different pages, designing the site and all its elements, directing the reel, directing the motion, and some CSS development.
  • Year:

  • Agency:

    Tool of North America
  • Role:

    Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, Motion Direction, Reel Direction, Photography, UI
  • Tech:

    Photoshop, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, HTML, Javascript, CSS
  • Awards:

    Awwwards Site of the Month, Adobe Cutting Edge Project of the Week, FWA Site of the Day, Awwwards Site of the Day, FWA Mobile Site of the Day
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