Relevant Television

Back in 2006/2007, I designed and helped build a flash video portal app. It was one of the first of its kind. F-I's MTV portal was the very first (and coolest), but as far as I know, RTV was the first music video portal to live stream a channel of the same videos around the world. Meaning, no matter where you were, it was like turning on a tv and everyone was watching the same thing. It also allowed users to comment on the live feed. Rtv had on demand features, it allowed users to vote for videos to get into the top 10, as well as custom content. My good friend Pablo Alejo, did an amazing job with the backend dev. Sadly, our flash app died in 2009 due to a server and backup meltdown.

Since then, a lot has changed. We now have mobile devices and app stores that have transformed the digital world into something a bit more tangible and quite entertaining. I have always wondered what RTV would be like as an app. So I did a fictional project where I imagined what RTV may look like if it was ported to an iPad app.
  • Year:

    2007 Flash Application + 2012 Ipad Application
  • Agency:

    S V L A
  • Role:

    Creative & Art Direction, Design, Front-end Flash Development
  • Tech:

    Photoshop, Flash, Actionscript, HTML, Javascript, CSS, XML
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