The concept MyLifeIn20Years.com was to dynamically write a narrative that parallels the story line of the Sundance Channel’s original show called ‘Rectify’. By using Facebook’s connect api, we were able to give users a first hand experience of being wrongly accused of murder and then released 20 years later on a technicality, just like the main character in the show. This concept and technique combined with a futuristic 3D environment built in HTML, CSS, and a custom JavaScript 3D engine, allowed us to intuitively introduce plot lines and characters of the show as well as create an environment that allowed the user the in-depth ability to discover what condemned them to jail and how their friends chose to defend or abandon them. Overall, the site delivered an experience that was not only ground breaking, but allowed for the transfer of emotions and trials of the show in a very personal way.
  • Year:

  • Agency:

    Sundance Rectify
  • Role:

    Concept, Creative Direction, Art Direction, Design, Motion Direction, UI
  • Tech:

    Photoshop, Cinema 4D, After Effects,WebGL, HTML, Javascript, CSS
  • Awards:

    FWA + Adobe Cutting Edge Project of the Week, FWA Site of the Day, Awwwards Site of the Day
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