Real Thread

Real Thread was looking to redesign their identity to fit the growth of their company and values. Along with a new brand, they needed a website that would be able to display all their products, services, combinations of each, the ability for customers to build custom quotes, and provide valuable industry resources. This was quite the undertaking.

Through many discussions, wireframes, and concept sessions we created a solution that meets these needs and aligns with Real Thread's character. My role was to work with Real Thread's principle and founders to develop the entire brand identity, photographic style, design, typography, interactive structure, icon design, web functionality, forms, and provide the front-end development of the website's homepage and navigation.
  • Year:

  • Agency:

    S V L A
  • Role:

    Creative & Art Direction, Branding, Design, Apparel, Interactive, Front-end Development
  • Tech:

    Photoshop, Illustrator, Lightroom, HTML, Javascript, CSS,
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